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Harold Stinnett was born in Chapel Hill Tennessee. Harold was tenth oldest to fifteenth brothers and sisters. They grew up in a two story log cabin farm home.

At the age of five Harold helped on the farm before and after school.

To his mother, Maudie Louis Gulley Stinnett, Sunday church was very important, never missing a day Harold attended with his family as he remembers watching his mother as she sang. Mom must be where Harold got his wonderful singing voice.

Harold’s dad was Herman McKinley Stinnett, being at the young age 54 when Harold was born stood up for what he thought right or wrong.

Harold Stinnett worked on the family farm years after his parent’s passed he decided to sale and move on.

Harold is a father, grandfather and a husband. He believes that working smart is what a family man does.  Harold became employed with Ryder and worked as a Trailer Mechanic for twenty-seven years. Harold then moved on to Walbash Southeastern as a Trailer Mechanic for twelve years and then McGriff Transportation for five years.

That is how he became HS Trailer Repair, llc.

For Harold Stinnett, HS Trailer Repair is more than just "business." It's the hopes, dreams and livelihood of the owner, the owner's family, the employees, and to some extent the community where the business operates, pays taxes and contributes in meaningful ways. Harold believes that people are innately good. Without this belief and faith in people, great owners are not possible.

Harold believes he does not work on his people, he works with them; he enables and empowers them.

Harold believes that “empowerment” comes from within, and has more to do with self-motivation and innate talent than with the acceptance of authority.

Harold believes that all people have strengths which can be made stronger, and that their weaknesses can be compensated to become irrelevant.

Most important Harold truly believes “No one man is perfect but a team can be”

H S Trailer Repair LLC is proud to provide full servicing and repair work for your tractor-trailers. Our friendly professionals offer complete DOT inspections. At just $55 for annual inspections and $30 for quarterly checks, we're the most affordable and efficient service in the area.

No Repair is Too Big or Too Small

Enjoy a safe ride with our brake services. We specialize in air ride and wiring, as well as the sales and service of anti-lock brake and PSI systems. All work and equipment is guaranteed and our rates start at only $56 and up per axle (plus labor).

We do all types of welding... Aluminum, Steel, and Stainless Steel! 

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